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They May Be Large, Strong, Athletic Beasts, But Horses Need Jumps That Are Safe To Scale

horse jumps

If you have been a horse enthusiast all your life then you will surely have witnessed some of the great derbies over the years. If you fell in love with the magnificent equine species from an early aged, it must have riled you to see horses and their jockeys crumbling head over heels over those precarious looking obstacles. They were never horse jumps really, and always obstacles. Like the famous bull runs, this was never sport and it was always cruel and inhumane.

It is unfortunate to see that even the most experienced horse handlers are prone to a little ignorance. This may be moot to custodians but spare a thought for the animals. One man’s error is catastrophic for the horse. If the horse jump is just one or two millimeters higher than it should have been, the horse will clip this jump and potentially injury itself with long-lasting and sometimes devastating consequences. Sometimes the poor horse needs to be put down.

And why say ‘put the animal down’. Why not just say that you were culpable in killing the animal for once and for all. Expert horse handlers in the show jumping arena are returning to traditional wooden jumps and practice cups in their droves. They are ditching the use of non-sustainable plastic. It has been found that plastic jumps and cups are dangerous to the animal’s jumping and trotting exercises. The horses sense this, and when they do, they are hesitant to make that negotiation, making the chances of accident and injury all the more greater.

If you love your horses this much, you will want to do everything within your power to take care of its welfare and keep it safe.